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  • "Integrated Aesthetics Consulting is FANTASTIC! Melinda Farina is always on her toes making opportunities happen for us!"

    - Phyllis Hsieh, Founder of SEHA Skin Therapy

  • "Melinda? I did her rhinoplasty in 2004 -She sends me tons of patients- I really don’t know where she finds these noses, she’s been a great advocate and testimonial of my work!"

    - Dr. Sam Rizk, NYC Facial Plastic Surgeon

  • "Integrated Aesthetics Consulting is always ahead of what is happening today! If you are seeking a firm to help build your practice or brand to the next level, I would highly recommend them! Melinda has brought me in touch with the right people and network in NYC! Best wishes Melinda to all of your current and future success!"

    - Paula Simpson, Celebrity Registered Nutritionist/Dietician, Formulator of Glisodin Skin Nutrients

  • "Melinda works with the who’s who of doctors & specialists, best spas and by far the best products on the market. As she continues to grow her empire I am excited to see who and what she uncovers on her endless exploration for excellence! I believe in this woman and her company, as I keep her on my radar at all times!"

    - Alyssa Shelasky, Journalist and Freelance Writer- New York Magazine

  • "Melinda is a polished trainer. Her passion and enthusiasm are truly contagious. She's a dynamic consultant and a master at empowering anyone who might be fortunate enough to work with her. Melinda’s integrity and ethics shine with her caring guidance."

    - Jack Canfield, Founder and Co-Creator of New York Times

  • "Patients just like knowing that I am ‘Melinda approved’ it’s comforting for them."

    - Dr. Lisa Zdinak, The Beauty Doc

  • "I've worked with Melinda since 2004. I have the utmost respect of Melinda for her extensive knowledge of marketing, her refreshing creativity and sincere honesty…she’s the best."

    - Dr. Larry Rosenthal, Aesthetic Dentistry

  • "Melinda gets me better press and media than most PR agencies- she sends quality patients and she knows the industry and is informed, which makes her find better press opportunities and help the patients understand WHY they should come to me."

    - Robin Kaiden, Sports Dietician/Specialty Nutritionist

  • "Melinda and her team work very hard. They are friends, they care, they have integrity and that’s why I work with them. I appreciate that."

    - Ricardo Rojas, Celebrity Hair Stylist

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Melinda Farina founded Integrated Aesthetics Consulting Inc. in 2004. She is positioned and has been awarded by NYC’s premiere professional and elitist women’s affiliations. read more

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